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Children, Adolescents and Teenagers

CranioSacral Therapy can be used and is effective as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other disciplines including occupational, massage, physical, speech therapy, etc. Because I actively work in multiple settings including hospital, early intervention (Babies Cant Wait), home health, and private clinic, I often have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines in order to provide an interdisciplinary approach to meet the needs of clients.

My combined CranioSacral and occupational therapy skillsets allow me to work with children of all ages and their parent/caregivers in various ways. Through the use of CranioSacral Therapy, release of tissues as well as other tension patterns in the body can be facilitated. From the lens of occupational therapy, I have the ability to identify and discuss any concerns that could affect a child's participation in daily activities. When appropriate, strategies are discussed with the parent/caregivers to further support the client in home and/or social environments. Additional modalities used during therapeutic sessions as well as potential home plans include, but not limited to, Healing From The Core practices, massage, movement, yoga, stretching, sensory diet, meditation, visualization, and breath work. Childhood conditions/symptoms that can be addressed using Craniosacral Therapy include, but are not limited to, concussion/traumatic brain injury, migraines, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, sleep disturbances, abnormal muscle tone, emotional challenges,  seizures and other neurological disorders, compromised immune system, hearing and vision challenges, gastrointestinal issues, and many others.

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